Day 33 of 500. Prayer

Day 33 of 500.




Lord, today I pray

That You’ll protect my Kids and my wife

Bind us all to the path

That leads to eternal life


I pray for my family

I pray for my friends

Keep us all safe

’til we’re together again


I pray for our pastors

I pray for Your church

Bring to our doors the lost sinners

And please a few more Christians willing to work


I pray for Your missionaries

Spread far and wide

As believers we must send them prayers and a check

Or God may You send us to walk by their side


I pray for my government

Although I won’t name names

Regardless of their party

Their need for salvation is the same


I pray for the prisoners and the homeless

The sick and the lame

For except by Thy Grace

They and I could be the same


I pray for the children

Still in the womb

May it be a doorway to life

Instead of a tomb


I lift these requests

Bound to heartfelt praise

And in all things acknowledge

Your Will and Your Ways


I thank You for another morning

To speak with You again

My Gracious Heavenly Father

In Jesus Name, Amen


If you find yourself too busy to pray, I promise that The God who loves you will find a way to slow you down and make time!!

Let us stand in agreement,