Day 25 of 500. “By Faith the walls Fell……” Hebrews 11:30

Day 25 of 500.

“By Faith the walls Fell……” Hebrews 11:30

This is The Word given before communion in Church today:


Do you doubt my overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love?

Do you not see the table laid before you?

Hear lies The Body and The Blood of My Son, given for you.

I tear down mountains, I made mountains.

I remove darkness because I AM LIGHT.

What stands between you and My Table is walls.

Walls are not made by My Hand.

I am He who tears down walls.

These walls are of your making.

On these walls are written: doubt, shame, unworthiness.

But know this, you do not have to tear these walls down on your own.

Walls fall down at My Word.

Your praise brings forth My Power, which tears down these walls.

But as quickly as I tear them down, some of you gather the stones and build them right back up again.

I say now today that, “Today is the day that the walls fall.”

Remove your hands from these stones.

I tear them down for My Glory.

There is nothing between you and My Table, My Salvation, My Grace, My Mercy; all are waiting for you.

They are here now.

All I say is, “Come, come, come!”


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